Our Story

We love to travel, and our most memorable moments in every place we’ve visited center around our favorite meals: the butter chicken at Trattoria Sostanza in Florence, the xiaochaorou (twice-cooked pork) at Zhang Mama’s in Beijing, the lobster pasta at Marina Piccola in Manarola, the glass noodle soup with steamed pork meatballs at a pop-up shack in Lampang. Even looking at our photographs of these dishes makes us instantly nostalgic for the cities we visited, the buzz of their streets, the smell of their markets, and the interesting stories of the people we met.

We want to give people that same experience here in Guam. Chamorro food is comfort food, but it is complex, and it is not easy to master.  Guamanians are critical eaters; we expect you to hand-grate coconut for our kelaguen (chicken salad), and we can taste whether you used the right kind of wood to smoke our tinala katne  (dried beef). People have strong opinions about who makes the best version of their favorite local dish, and often they insist the best cook is from their village, likely a family member.

Recognizing that short-term visitors and newcomers to the island probably cannot access the best Chamorro food in Guam on their own, we are happy to show you around to taste food we feel represents the best we have to offer. We will also offer you recommendations for restaurants you may be able to track down on your own. We hope we can help you glimpse a part of Guam you have never seen, and that when you leave, you will remember one or two special dishes that you had during your stay.