The Fiesta Plate Tour

What is the Fiesta Plate tour?

The best place to try Guamanian cuisine is at a fiesta. Every village on Guam has one, a gathering to celebrate the feast day of its patron saint. Fiestas also give us an opportunity to spend time with our family and friends, and to eat our favorite food. Inspired by our village fiestas, we have designed a tour featuring our best local dishes, unique to our island, and prepared with love by cooks using recipes passed down through generations. Though there are many fine cooks on Guam, these are our favorites.

What kind of food do you offer on the Fiesta Plate tour?

While modern local cuisine is diverse, the Fiesta Plate tour features traditional Chamorro dishes. Chamorros are the indigenous people of Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands. Our focus for this tasting menu is to introduce our guests to Chamorro food. We designed our menu carefully and thoughtfully, choosing food we believe represents the best traditional dishes, and which we believe will please a majority of our guests. We also choose vendors for their quality products and their commitment to making and selling good food.The Fiesta Plate tour will feature a few starters and appetizers, a main dish, and sweets. Consistent with fiesta food, many of the dishes contain meat. The tour is not suitable for vegetarians, though we would be happy to arrange a custom tour for guests who are interested.

What is the atmosphere like during the tour?

We will be visiting local Guamanian food vendors. Please be prepared to be outdoors in the open air for most of the tour unless the weather decides to not cooperate. The atmosphere is casual and fun. A guide will be with our guests throughout the entire tour to help explain all of the Guamanian food on the tour.

What are the rates for the Fiesta Plate Tour?

General Adult pricing is $90, and children’s pricing is $50. For information on resident and military rates, please email us at [email protected], or check us out on Facebook and Twitter!